Updated Jun 22, 2015 12:00 am PDT

Port Hardy Weather Forecast (BC)


Partly Cloudy

Wind Speed:3mph SW
Barometer:1016 mb
Heat Index:10°C
Wind Chill:10°C
Sunrise:5:15 am PDT
Sunset:9:48 pm PDT
Moon:Waning Crescent Moon

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Long Term Forecast

Dec 18
High: 4°C
Low: 3°C
Light Rain. Precipitation of roughly 2.43 mm. Winds will be at 15 km/h facing ESE

Dec 19
High: 6°C
Low: 5°C
Drizzle. Precipitation of roughly 0.44 mm. Winds will be at 16 km/h facing ESE

Dec 20
High: 7°C
Low: 5°C
Rain. Precipitation of roughly 0.43 mm. Winds will be at 20 km/h facing WNW

Dec 21
High: 7°C
Low: 6°C
Drizzle. Precipitation of roughly 3.48 mm. Winds will be at 13 km/h facing SE

Dec 22
High: 6°C
Low: 4°C
Rain. Precipitation of roughly 0.92 mm. Winds will be at 13 km/h facing WNW

Dec 23
High: 4°C
Low: 3°C
Scattered Showers. Precipitation of roughly 0.32 mm. Winds will be at 5 km/h facing SW

Dec 24
High: 3°C
Low: 2°C
Mostly Cloudy. Precipitation of roughly 0.14 mm. Winds will be at 21 km/h facing ESE

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